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Defense Products

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Propellant Powder, Ammunition Components

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Sustainable Management

We regard the creation of future value and the leading of
human progress through high ethical standards and
practices as the core competitiveness of Poongsan.

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Cyber Newspaper

Transparent and fair, ethical management

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  • User guide

    Poongsan Group's Cyber Reporting System accepts reports on ethics violations by the company and its employees. Your proactive reporting will serve as a foundation for fostering a more transparent and fair organizational culture within our company.

    What to report:

    Misconduct, corruption, bribery, and acceptance of improper gifts by employees whilst in the course of their duties

    Illegal or improper use of company assets

    Actions that damage the company's image and reputation

    Actions that harm organizational culture, such as unfair directives and harassment

    Any other actions that violate ethical standards and norms

    Reporting Method
    and Procedure

    Online Submission: Submit your report through Poongsan Group's Cyber Reporting System on our official website.

    Email: Send your report to the designated ethics compliance email address.

    Hotline: Call the dedicated ethics hotline to report violations.

    Mail: Send a detailed report to our corporate ethics office via mail.

    Procedure :
    (1) Receipt of Report: Upon receiving the report, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to the reporter.
    (2) Preliminary Review: The report will undergo a preliminary review to determine the validity and scope of the issue.
    (3) Investigation: A thorough investigation will be conducted by the ethics compliance team.
    (4) Resolution: Based on the findings, appropriate actions will be taken, which may include disciplinary measures or policy changes.
    (5) Feedback: The reporter will be informed of the investigation outcome, ensuring confidentiality and the protection of their identity throughout the process.


    Postal address Audit Office, Poongsan Holdings, 16th Floor, Poongsan Building, 23 Chungjeong-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03737

    Telephone (02) 3406-5303

    Whistleblower protection

    Confidentiality: The identity of the whistleblower and the content of the report will be kept confidential.

    Protection from Retaliation: Whistleblowers will not face any disadvantages or retaliation as a result of their report.

    Consideration for Self-Reporting: If the whistleblower reports corruption or misconduct related to themselves, leniency may be considered.

    Data Security: All information provided to the Cyber Reporting System is securely managed on a separate server to protect the whistleblower’s identity, with only minimal information (name, email, phone number) required.

    Data Handling: All personal information is handled and disposed of in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

    ※ Please note: while submissions can be made in writing or via telephone, we strongly encourage using the website

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    Collection of personal information and Terms of Use

    Purpose of collection/scope/purpose of use of personal information

    1. We collect the minimum amount of information required to carry out the duties of the cyber reporting system.
    We require the ability to collect and use your personal information in order to facilitate consultation and reply service

    2. Items of personal information to be collected

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    Please enter the report number and password to check the response to your report.

    If you lose your report number or password,
    please submit a new report or contact us at

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    A report number is assigned upon submission of a report.
    If you lose your report number or password,
    please submit a new report or contact us at





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