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CEO Message

Few would argue that the steady march of human progress has quickened its pace as the industrial era has given way to the age of information. The boundless power of telecommunications, together with the exponential expansion of Internet users, have transcended obsolete barriers to productivity and, in so doing, made ours a smaller, more kinetic planet.

Yet, the fundamental socioeconomic transformation wrought by technology presents a particular challenge to corporations, which must constantly retool operations to adapt to ever-changing realities and react to market developments in real-time. Our increasingly interconnected world today places its highest premium on efficiency - on managerial methodologies that streamline decision-making while leveraging innovations to create new products, services, and sources of value.

In such a world, the risks are as great as the prospects are promising.

Since its founding in 1968, Poongsan has achieved its status as one of the world's best copper manufacturers in the non-ferrous metal industry by maintaining a consistent business management approach that embraces the future. Poongsan's ultra-modern technology and facilities are setting a new global standard for products and product quality, and the Company's highly skilled workers with their rich experience in the metal industry are devoting their efforts to providing premier products and services that exceed our customers' expectations.

The Company is constantly developing new copper and copper alloy materials used for a wide range of purposes - ranging from basic industrial materials for household goods, construction, automobile, shipping, electric and machinery to hi-tech industries such as electronics, semiconductors, telecommunications, and space aviation. As always, Poongsan is striving to elevate the quality of life by supplying the finest copper products in the world.

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