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Fabricated Nonferrous Material

    Field Team Tel/Fax inquire
    Rolled Products Rolled Products Export Team T: 82-2-3406-5625
    Stainless Steel Strips &
    High Nickel Alloys
    Special Metal Sales Team T: 82-32-540-7305
    F: 82-32-540-7330
    Leadframe Alloys Leadframe Material Sales Team T: 82-2-3406-5483
    F: 82-2-358-0611
    Tubular, Rod & Bar (Export) Tubular, Rod & Bar
    Products Export Team
    T: 82-2-3406-5484
    F: 82-2-3406-5910
    Coin Blank Coin Blank Business Division T: 82-2-3406-5643
    F: 82-2-358-0178
    Quality Control Customer Service Team T: 82-2-3406-5488
    F: 82-2-358-0124

Defense Products

    Field Team Tel/Fax inquire
    Military Ammunition Sales Military Ammunition Team T: 82-2-3406-5478
    F: 82-2-358-0434
    Sporting Ammunition Sales Sporting Ammunition Sales Team T: 82-2-3406-5268
    F: 82-2-358-0434

Copper & Other Raw Material Purchasing

    Field Team Tel/Fax inquire
    Copper & Other Raw Material
    Raw Material
    Procurement Division
    T: 82-2-3406-5229
    F: 82-2-358-0492

Material and Equipment Purchasing

    Field Team Tel/Fax inquire
    Defensive material Materials Procurement Team T: 82-54-760-6223
    F: 82-54-760-6500
    Civil sub-material Materials Procurement Team T: 82-54-760-6202
    F: 82-54-760-6500
    Purchasing foreign Equipment Equipment Procurement Team T: 82-2-3406-5314
    F: 82-2-3406-5923


    Field Team Tel/Fax inquire
    Recruitment Human Resource Team T: 82-2-3406-5108
    F: 82-2-3406-5400
    Investment Public Relations Team T: 82-2-3406-5346
    F: 82-2-3406-5406
    ETC Public Relations Team T: 82-2-3406-5346
    F: 82-2-3406-5406

Customer Service

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