Defense Products

Since it was first granted a government permit to produce munitions in the early 1970s, Poongsan has helped move Korea ever closer to its goal of self-sufficiency in national defense. Today most of the Company's ammunition products are used by the Korean military.

Producing a wide variety of military-purpose ammunition — from 5.56mm ammunition to eight-inch projectiles for Howitzers — the Company has earned a reputation the world over for quality. In fact, most of Poongsan's sporting and other commercial ammunition are exported to its global customer base.

Defense products include:

  • military ammunition (small arms, antiaircraft guns, mid-to large-size weaponry)
  • various sporting ammunition
  • propellant powder
  • ammunition parts
  • precision forging products

For more information on Poongsan's broad range of defense products, please download and review our Ammunitions and Explosives Catalog.