Rods, Bars & Wires

Poongsan produces a full range of high-quality copper and copper alloy rods, bars, and wires. In 2006, Poongsan developed and obtained a patent for the production of lead free brass bars and wires. The Company's bars are widely used in bolts and nuts, valves, various machinery, electrical parts and accessory components for automobiles and industrial equipment.

Poongsan's free cutting brass bars boast superior welding and cutting capabilities and are popular for use in nuts and bolts, connectors, and electrical and electronic parts. Additionally, Poongsan brass wires are used in specialty products such as EDM wires. Presently, Poongsan is expanding its presence in the high-purity oxygen-free copper rods market.

Poongsan prides itself in the high quality of the products it delivers to its customers. Its automated production line-by product type-ensures the exact specifications requested is always achieved. Through strict quality control procedures from casting to chamfering to inspection, Poongsan focuses on quality from start to finish.