Sheets & Strips

Poongsan takes pride in its efficient integrated production system that includes shaft furnace, hot mill, cold rolling mill and slitting processing station.

Housed in Poongsan's Ulsan plant, this world-class production system enables the Company to manufacture high-quality, competitive products — each of which undergoes rigorous quality inspection to ensure accuracy in size and superior quality both in physical and surface properties. Such detailed attention from production to quality-control results in Poongsan's ability to consistently meet the specific, individual, and demanding needs of it's customers.

Poongsan produces a diverse range of copper and copper alloy sheets and strips for use across many industries. This includes interior and exterior application for both commercial and residential real estate, construction, machinery, automobile, electrical and electronics, semiconductor, and telecommunications. These rolled products are also available in brass, cupro-nickel, phosphorous deoxidized copper, phosphor bronze, nickel silver, aluminum bronze, and other high performance alloys.

Poongsan also produces tin-plated strips, multigauge strips and stainless steel strips.

Possessing uniform plating thickness, superior surface brightness, excellent welding and corrosion-resistant property factors and a long-lasting plating layer that resists deterioration. These properties make them ideal in switches, connectors, terminals, and other various electronic parts.