Stainless Steel Strips & High Nickel Alloys

Poongsan Special Metal's precision slitters, tension leveler, tension annealing furnace - along with the Company's computer control systems such as Automatic Gauge Controls and Automatic Flatness Control System - ensure the superior processing of stainless steel strips and high nickel alloys for various industrial purposes.

As with its other products, Poongsan Special Metal takes pride in its ability to meet the specific needs of its customers. The thin-gauge, narrow-width products that Poongsan Special Metal produces can be made as thin as 0.03mm and as narrow as 3mm. Poongsan Special Metal's superior rolling and heat-treatment technologies yield a range of desired properties and consistent quality. These Poongsan Special Metal products satisfy standard specifications set by KS, JIS, and AISI.

Poongsan Special Metal's spring and other high performance products are particularly popular and widely used in lightweight, high-strength components such as mobile, electric electronics, secondary cell, and switches.