Poongsan’s Safety and Environmental Management Policies

The Safety of our people and preserving the Environment are core principles of
Poongsan’s sustainability agenda.

  1. 1. In all of the company’s management activities, Safety and the Environment are our top priorities.

  2. 2. We identify and remove any potential Safety or Environmental hazards in advance to help prevent accidents,           while we continue working to improve the environment.

  3. 3. Poongsan provides comprehensive training for all employees that not only comply with relevant regulations,
        but also meet rigorous, internal standards.

  4. 4. Within Poongsan’s Safety and Environmental management system, we set, implement and constantly
        evaluate specific goals and initiatives for continuous improvement.

  5. 5. We continually work to communicate, and optimize relationships, with all stakeholders –
        including customers, contractors, and local communities.